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Solid Wood High and Low Bar Stool Cafe Saddle Stool#0081

Brand :Amazonsfurniture
Style: Modern
Name: Bar chair
Model number :Amac-0081
Applicable targets: Adult
Size : High stool: 380*250*690mm
Low stool: 380*250*450mm
Color :As shown in the picture or customized
Customized :Yes
Folded :No
Suitable place :Living room, Hotel,Study
Origin: Weifang,China
Materials :Solid wood

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Humanized stool surface

The curved humanized design of the seat surface of the saddle stool, the scientific curved design fits the curve of the buttocks and relaxes the tension of your buttocks. Relieve the stress of your day, sit on it, full of wine or delicacies in your hand, I hope that the time will freeze at this moment and keep this unforgettable beauty.

Humanized stool surface
Tenon and tenon process with triangle legs

Tenon and tenon process with triangle legs

The saddle stool leg tenon and tenon structure design is firm and durable, and the bearing capacity is significantly enhanced. You can place your favorite soft seat cushion on the stool according to your preferences, or you can tell us and let us create a saddle stool for you just for you. If creation is a practice, then inspiration is your star, and now all you want is a comfortable chair.

Bold triangle stool legs

Retro industrial style, comfortable material production, let you experience your extraordinary taste in your spare time. Bold solid wood stool legs, three-dimensional design, stable load-bearing and texture. The bars are thickened and double nuts are reinforced, giving you a full sense of security. The bottom wear-resistant and non-slip design protects your safety and gives you a quiet enjoyment.

Bold triangle stool legs
High and low bar stool combination

High and low bar stool combination

The upright and tall shape gives off an elegant and fashionable temperament. Bold solid wood pedals, exquisite shape, full of design sense, stable structure, stronger load-bearing. Apart from leisure, grab a cup of coffee and a favorite book, sit on it gracefully, like a picture of life. High and short combination, simple yet luxurious, the size is High stool: 380*250*690mm

Low stool: 380*250*450mm.



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