Modern Simple White Oak Japanese Style Combined Living Room Sofa Furniture#0027

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Modern Simple White Oak Japanese Style Combined Living Room Sofa Furniture#0027
Brand :Amazonsfurniture
Style: Modern
Model number :Amac-0027
Applicable targets: Adult
Size :  Double seat: 1370*750*840mm
Single seat: 810*750*840mm
Three seats: 1970*750*840mm
Color :As shown in the picture or customized
Customized :Yes
Folded :No
Suitable place :Living room, Hotel,Study
Origin: Weifang,China
Materials :Solid wood

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The dual-purpose sofa in winter and summer will not cluck your buttocks even if you remove the cushion

Winter and summer dual-purpose sofa

The overall frame is imported white oak, the whole board frame, the real dual-purpose design for winter and summer, it is also comfortable to sit without the cushion, and the cool part is on the buttocks. The lines are simple and elegant, and the support is good. Each wood board is polished by hand and the craftsmanship is exquisite to ensure consistency. The high backrest guarantees your comfort and relaxation, giving you the best sofa experience....

High resilience sponge cushion

High-resilience sponge cushion, filled with high-quality sponge cushion, the seat cover fabric is made of skin-friendly cotton and linen material, and has been treated with wear-resistant, no ball, no mold, no fading, friction and no static electricity. The sofa sitting depth has been tested for many times, and the optimal height has been scientifically designed. When guests come to the house, the backrest can be removed to make a temporary bed.

High resilience sponge cushion
Humanized design of curved armrests

Humanized design of curved armrests

The arc-shaped chamfer is hand-polished to prevent bumping, smooth to the touch, and connected by a tenon-and-mortise structure, which is solid and firm. The solid wood frame, the wood is hard, no matter how you jump, the sofa will not shake, it can support your every posture without worrying about collapse. The curved armrests perfectly support your hands and arms, allowing you to relax every part comfortably.

Thicken sofa legs

Each corner of the sofa frame has been polished to be round and smooth, making it more comfortable to lean against, and will not touch all parts of the body. The sofa legs are made of solid and heavy materials to hold the weight firmly. The bottom of the sofa legs is non-slip and wear-resistant, which protects your floor and prolongs the life of the sofa.

Thicken sofa legs
Removable and washable sofa seating surface

Removable and washable sofa seating surface

Detachable and washable sofa seating design, so you don’t have to worry about cleanliness. Life gives us the qualities of calmness and relaxation, spreads joyful mood, and happiness unintentionally fills the new house.

A variety of matching style colors

Selected North American oak, 100-year-old material, with high mechanical strength, clear texture, and high wood value. The large slabs are directly assembled, with solid materials, strong and durable.

A variety of matching style colors

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