Raimondo delegates budget power to McKee, and the cabinet appoints 3

On Monday, Governor Gina Raimondo handed over the constitutional responsibility for preparing the state budget to Governor Dan McKee.
According to state law, the annual tax and expenditure plan starting on July 1 should be drawn up by March 11, but Raimondo’s nomination as Secretary of Commerce is awaiting confirmation by the Senate, and the voting date has not yet been set. Come down.
In an executive order signed on Monday night, Raimondo authorized McGee to “make the fiscal year 2022 budget” regardless of whether she was in office or not. The Rhode Island Constitution requires the governor to prepare and submit an annual budget to the General Assembly.
The Speaker of the House of Representatives, K. Joseph Shekarchi, called this a “wise move” in an email and stated that even if Raimondo is still governor, he supports McKee’s delivery of the budget.
At the same time, Raimondo also negotiated with McKee to appoint three acting cabinet members to replace those who have just left or are about to leave the government.
In the Department of Labor and Training, Matt Weldon will take over as director Scott Jensen on Tuesday. Weldon is the assistant director of DLT.
In the administration department, Jim Thorsen will take over as director Brett Smiley on March 2.
Marilyn McConaghy, head of legal services at the Tax Office, will succeed Thorsen on March 2.

Post time: Mar-03-2021
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