The feeling after visiting Lanfang furniture exhibition on Sep 18

On September 18, 2020, we visited a large-scale furniture exhibition held in Langfang, Hebei, China. In this exhibition, various indoor furniture such as coffee tables, TV cabinets, dressing tables, small sofas, etc. were refreshing for us. At the same time There is also a new understanding of various new furniture materials that are now popular. What impressed me most at this exhibition was the new injection-molded furniture. The new type of PVC injection molding material and the combination of steel pipes made me feel refreshed and left a deep impression. The surface painting effects of coffee tables and TV cabinets are also impressive. The surface effects of matt PU and high-gloss PU are generally suitable for the extraction of TV cabinets and wardrobe doors. The surface is bright and beautiful, which is very suitable for those who like luxury styles. Buyers. . The coffee tables and TV cabinets of Xingchengyuan Furniture are particularly pleasantly surprised by the high PU lacquer on the surface. The lacquer has an effect comparable to baking lacquer and is very luxurious. Their furniture is also exported to Europe, Germany, Italy and other countries. I visited several steel and wood furniture manufacturers during this trip. I was deeply impressed by the rigorous attitude of the factories to the quality of furniture. The popular rock slab countertops and tempered glass printing countertops have a brilliant surface and can be printed with various patterns and patterns according to customer requirements. There are so many styles that are dizzying. I can't help but sigh the rapid development of the Chinese furniture industry. I hope that we can also sell these new types of furniture to all over the world as soon as possible, so that people from all over the world can use our high-quality and cheap furniture products produced in China to improve the quality of life.


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tea table
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Post time: Oct-09-2020
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