The recliner sofa showroom

Today is the first day that our sofa showroom is completed, and I am very happy that my customers can come to our sofa factory on this day. Today is the first day our sofa showroom is completed. I am very happy that my customers can come to our sofa factory on this day. Our factory is located in Zhoucun Town, Shandong Province, known as the Little Foshan in the north, where the furniture industry is The chain is complete, all kinds of solid wood, steel and wood, board furniture, sofas, dining tables and chairs, etc., can find suitable suppliers here. This is also the largest furniture distribution center in northern China. Our Sha Development Hall has a construction area of 3000 Square meters, he displays a variety of functional sofas, beds, sofas and other dozens of styles of furniture. The materials are different, there are linen, velvet, and technical cloth. Our factory is to expand the sofa and bed. For export business, an international business team has been newly established this year to accept OEM orders from foreign customers. We can also process with drawings and samples. Our factory is located in the center of the furniture industry chain, with stable skilled workers and an excellent quality inspection team. On the basis of quality, we will do our best to provide our services. We welcome domestic and foreign customers to visit our factory and discuss cooperation.

recliner sofarecliner sofa

recliner sofa showroom
recliner sofa showroom
tailoring workshop

Post time: Nov-18-2020
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