Simple Windsor Bed Solid Wood Bedroom Bed Princess Bed#0114

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Simple Windsor Bed Solid Wood Bedroom Bed Princess Bed#0114

Brand :Amazonsfurniture
Style: European
Name:Bedroom bed
Model number :Amac-0114
Applicable targets: Adult
Size :1980mm*2120*980mm
Color :As shown in the picture or customized
Customized :Yes
Folded :No
Suitable place :Bedroom, Hotel,Study
Origin: Weifang,China
Materials :Solid wood

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Windsor backrest solid wood bed

Windsor backrest solid wood bed

How to create a refreshing and breathable bedroom? The change starts from choosing a string-shaped headboard. The entire bed is made of all solid wood. wood-based panels? Veneer? None of them exist, environmentally friendly solid wood beds, so you can use them with confidence. The main material is oak, and you can enjoy the natural and smooth texture from every angle. There is no peculiar smell, and the light woody fragrance evaporates, giving you a sense of relaxation in the green forest.

Solid wood bed board firmly bears the weight

The toughness of oak is very good. It has not been painted or bleached before leaving the factory, so you can sleep in peace. Each bed board is tightly arranged, with a tenon and tenon process, which greatly enhances the support capacity of the bed board. The whole body has been carefully polished to deliver such delicate and smooth furniture to you. There are no barbs, and the original beauty of the wood grain is retained to a great extent, allowing you to feel the beauty of nature at home.

Solid wood bed board firmly bears the weight
Heightened guardrail at the end of the bed

Heightened guardrail at the end of the bed

The bed top and the foot of the bed are fixed with high-quality hardware structure to ensure that the solid wood bed is not easy to shake. Combined with the bed legs, it eliminates the cumbersome feeling and has both strength and beauty. We polished each corner to be round and smooth without burrs. High-quality hardware There will be no such problems as rust, noise, etc., to create a comfortable and quiet home living environment for you.

One-piece thickened legs

One-piece thick solid wood cylindrical legs, scientific inclination angle, more firm load-bearing. The bottom has a felt pad, which is convenient to move, and does not produce sound, reduces the friction loss of your floor and bed legs, and increases the service life. Hollowed The Windsor backrest makes the overall space clear and simple, and will not block your wallpaper.

One-piece thickened legs
Leave enough storage space at the bottom

Leave enough storage space at the bottom

The bed upper is made of thick white oak, which is stable and firm, making the whole bed more firm. The sufficient height from the ground can make the bottom space available. Put some storage boxes and a few pairs of shoes, but it is not recommended that you fill it up. This will not be conducive to the ventilation of the mattress. Increase the thicker and comfortable mattress to create a comfortable lying height, and you can reach the things on the bedside table by reaching out.


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