White Oak Multifunctional Double Bed Solid Wood Bedroom Bed#0113

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White Oak Multifunctional Double Bed Solid Wood Bedroom Bed#0113

Brand :Amazonsfurniture
Style: Modern
Name:Bedroom bed
Model number :Amac-0113
Applicable targets: Adult
Size :1570/1870mm*2100*890mm
Color :As shown in the picture or customized
Customized :Yes
Folded :No
Suitable place :Bedroom, Hotel,Study
Origin: Weifang,China
Materials :Solid wood


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The bed is made of solid wood

The bed is made of solid wood

White oak imported from North America has a solid texture, durability, and good durability. It is one of the high-end woods and is better than most red oaks on the market. The wood grain is clear and bright, the wood is delicate and natural, lying on it, as if you are in the big In the embrace of nature, people can sleep peacefully. The 100% solid wood bed has no extra lines. It has a truly classic shape, a real conscience material, a solid structure, and an official random inspection for 50 years of durability.

Tightly arranged solid wood bed

The all-solid wood plank row frame is enough to bear the weight of a family. This double bed has a strong structure and has passed the static pressure load bearing test. You don't need to worry about support stability and sleep peacefully. The row frame is made of strong white oak, with two bottoms. Support the legs to firmly support the mattress.

Tightly arranged solid wood bed
Multifunctional bedside socket

Multifunctional bedside socket

Built-in safety sockets at the head of the bed, rechargeable sockets + USB charging holes, eliminating the need for cumbersome power strips, storage design, mobile phones, glasses no longer have nowhere to put, let you chase the drama, eat chicken without stress. At least after four rounds Only with meticulous "training" can I meet you. Strengthen the tenon and tenon structure, and the load-bearing capacity is more stable.

High-quality hardware fixed bed

The high-quality hardware accessories fasten the bed body, which is firm and durable, not easy to rust, and the solid wood bed has a stronger bearing capacity. The silent felt pad prevents the plank and the bed top from rubbing, and sleeps without noise interference, allowing you to fall asleep easily. The large backrest can be freely matched The cushion is comfortable to lean against, and playing on the phone does not hurt your eyes.

High-quality hardware fixed bed
Bold one-piece bed legs

Bold one-piece bed legs

The bottom of the bed is equipped with a T-beam, the materials are unambiguous, and it is made of solid wood, triple support, the bed pressure is MAX, there is no turning over, and the sleep is guaranteed. The bed legs are thickened, not easy to shake, and not easy to break. Designed after many researches With a reasonable bed height, children can easily sit on it, and there is plenty of space at the bottom for you to put shoes, etc.

Modern simple solid wood double bed

A solid wood bed that can reflect the spirit of ingenuity from material selection to shape
We are looking for raw materials worldwide
Carefully selected and found the highest quality white oak
Just to create this pure ingenuity
Simplicity and practicality are synonymous with it

Modern simple solid wood double bed

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